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  • 1 Ural State Technical University—UPI Faculty of Physical Techniques and Devices for Quality Control 620002 Ekaterinburg Russian Federation
  • | 2 Ural State Technical University—UPI Faculty of Experimental Physics 620002 Ekaterinburg Russian Federation
  • | 3 Ural State Technical University—UPI Radio-Technical Department 620002 Ekaterinburg Russian Federation
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Mössbauer spectroscopy is a useful technique for biomedical applications. To increase analytical possibilities and quality of its biomedical applications a new Mössbauer spectrometric system was developed. This system based on a highly stable, sensitive and precision spectrometer SM-2201 with high velocity resolution and a temperature variable liquid nitrogen cryostat with a moving absorber. The first results of Mössbauer spectroscopy with high velocity resolution demonstrated a decrease in the experimental error in the determination of 57Fe hyperfine parameters and, therefore, an increase of accuracy in analysis of small variations of the iron electronic structure, as well as more reliable fitting of complicated spectra.