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  • 1 The University of Texas at Austin School of Biological Sciences 1 University Station, A6500 Austin TX 78712-0182 USA
  • | 2 The University of Texas at Austin Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Building 159 Austin TX 78712 USA
  • | 3 Technological and Nuclear Institute, Reactor E.N. 10 2686-953 Sacavem Portugal
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Thermal and epithermal neutron activation analysis techniques were used to analyze 27 Teflon air filters which were exposed to ambient air in Lisbon, Portugal, in February 2007. Tin was detected which is strongly suggestive of an anthropogenic source. Arsenic, antimony and copper were shown to be highly correlated, which is also suggestive of anthropogenic pollution. Trace element analysis of short- and medium-lived isotopes was performed yielding concentration information of various elements. Analytical sensitivities were enhanced using a Compton suppression system. Enrichment factor analysis shows that arsenic, tin, zinc, copper and antimony are at elevated concentrations in the Lisbon atmosphere.