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  • 1 Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Fuel Chemistry Division Kalpakkam 603 102 India
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Imidazolium nitrate anchored on poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) co-polymer, Im-NO3, has been synthesized and evaluated for plutonium purification. The results are compared with those obtained using Dowex 1 × 4 anion exchange resin. The distribution coefficient (Kd) of Pu(IV) increased with increase in concentration of nitric acid, reached a maximum at 8 M, followed by decrease in Kd values. Rapid ion exchange of Pu(IV) followed by the establishment of equilibrium occurred within 100 min of equilibration and the data was fitted in to first order rate equation. Variation of distribution coefficient of Pu(IV) as a function of exchange capacity and nitrate ion concentration suggest the involvement of anion exchange mechanism is responsible for extraction. The apparent ion exchange capacity was 310 mg/g at 8 M nitric acid. The performance of the Im-NO3 under dynamic condition was assessed by column breakthrough experiments. Radiolytic degradation of Im-NO3 resin in presence and absence of nitric acid (8 M) was studied and the results are reported in this paper.