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  • 1 Centre National de l’Energie, des Sciences et des Techniques Nucléaires Rabat Morocco
  • | 2 Université Ibn Tofail Faculté des Sciences Kénitra Kenitra Morocco
  • | 3 Jozef Stefan Institute Ljubljana Slovenia
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The aim of this study is to evaluate the sensitivity of Ko-method of Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis for minor, trace and toxic elements in the most consumed foodstuff purchased from large commercial markets in Kenitra’s city (Morocco) which has been chosen for a pilot project on food monitoring in the west of Morocco. Samples have been analyzed by Ko-INAA method using TRIGA Mark II reactor at Josef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. The quality control of results was assessed using the Standard Reference Material SRM 1547 (Peach leaves). Results show an adequate sensitivity for the most studied elements in foodstuffs except for beef, onion and whole wheat which show a high sensitivity factor for Cd and As. INAA seems to be an adequate choice for element analysis in foodstuffs.