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  • 1 Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute Agricultural, Medical and Industrial Research School P.O. Box 31485-498 Karaj Iran
  • | 2 Payam Nour University (PNU) Abhar Zanjan Iran
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Maghemite nano-particles were synthesized by a solid-state chemical reaction for its highly selective use as, cyclotron-produced, 109Cd (462.9 days) purification method of choice. 109Cd radiochemical separation starts with Ag activities precipitated with HCl 0.0015 M followed by, on a second step, 109Cd separation from Cu carrier and 65Zn (243.8 days) using Ca (NO3)2 0.01 M. Experimental parameters such, pH and sorbent concentration, on 109Cd extraction efficiency were investigated. Phase morphology, nanostructure and size of nano-particles were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). A 10–20 nm average grain size was derived from XRD line broadening and SEM data. Heat treatment on Fe3+:Fe2+ ratios equal to 2:1, produced powders, resulting in tetragonal (maghemite) structure at 300 °C and rhombohedra (hematite) at 600 °C. 109Cd chemical and radionuclidic purity were determined by ICP-AES and HPGe detector gamma-ray spectrometry. The overall recovery and radionuclide purity were 80.0% from obtained 129.63 kBq/C MeV (70 kBq/μAh) initial activity and 91.4%, respectively.