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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Uranium Extraction Division Mumbai 400085 India
  • | 2 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Rare Earths Development Section Mumbai 400085 India
  • | 3 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Hydrometallurgy Section Mumbai 400085 India
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Solvent extraction of U(VI) with di-isodecyl phosphoric acid (DIDPA)/dodecane from nitric acid medium has been investigated for a wide range of experimental conditions. Effect of various parameters including nitric acid concentration, DIDPA concentration, temperature, stripping agents, and other impurities like rear earths, transition metal ion, boron, aluminum ion on U(VI) extraction has been studied. The species extracted in the organic phase is found to be UO2(NO3)(HA2)·H2A2 at lower acidity (<3.0 M HNO3). Increase in temperature lead to the decrease in extraction with the enthalpy change by ∆H = −16.27 kJ/mol. Enhancement in extraction of U(VI) from nitric acid medium was observed with the mixture of DIDPA and tri butyl phosphate (TBP). The stripping of U(VI) from organic phase (DIDPA–U(VI)/dodecane) with various reagents followed the order: 4 M H2SO4 > 5% (NH4)2CO3 > 8 M HCl > 8 M HNO3 > Water. High separation factors between U(VI) and impurities suggested that the use of DIDPA for purification of uranium from multi elements bearing solution.