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  • 1 Institute of Nuclear Research of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, P. O. Box 51, 4001 Debrecen, Hungary
  • | 2 Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Paks, Hungary
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The low- and intermediate-activity level liquid wastes produced by the Paks Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) contain routinely measureable gamma-emitting (e.g., 54Mn, 60Co, 110mAg, and 137Cs) as well as many so-called “difficult-to-measure” radionuclides. Despite of their low specific activity compared to the total, the reliable determination of these radionuclides is an important issue of nuclear waste management. The increasing amount of waste samples to be qualified yearly by our laboratory put a pressure on revising the existing procedure of 99Tc separation applied. We have managed to halve the initial amount of the sample required to achieve the same level of detection of technetium. Furthermore, one of the new purifying steps introduced have proved to be able to separate 108mAg (and 110mAg) better than 99% keeping the 99Tc content of the product almost intact. Means of separation of 99Tc from 106Ru and 124+125Sb have also been successfully investigated. As intended, this new procedure has a major impact on the chemical reagent as well as the electricity requirement of the separation making it more cost-effective.