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  • 1 Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kosygin Str., 19, Moscow B-334, 11991 Russia
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The activating field of microtron bremsstrahlung is characterized by sharp recession of intensity in lateral and longitudinal directions. Therefore, the irradiation of several samples simultaneously results in their different activation which is a source of systematic error. Evaluation of correction coefficients needed for quantitative analysis by measurement of thin copper disks placed between the samples does not result in acceptable data. For these purposes a method for 3D-activating field monitoring and Monte-Carlo simulation for computation of the needed correction coefficients has been developed. The monitor represents the copper foil wrapped round the sample assembly. The autoradiogram of the irradiated monitor is used for characterization of the activating field. The Monte-Carlo simulation model involves both the field characteristics and the results obtained while making single training analysis.