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  • 1 J. E. Purkyně University Department of Inorganic Chemistry Kotlářská 2 611 37 Brno (Czechoslovakia)
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175, 181Hafnium(IV) was extracted by HDBP in 2-ethylhexanol from 1–10M solutions of HClO4, HCl and HNO3, and 1–8M H2SO4. As with low polar organic phase diluents, the acidity dependence of the distribution ratio of Hf, D, passes through a minimum for HClO4, HCl, and H2SO4 whereas only an increase of D can be observed with increasing HNO3 concentration. From the slope analysis the following complexes were found to be extracted (HDBP=HA): HfA4 at <4M HClO4 and <5M HCl, lg Kextr=9, HfX4(HA)4 (X=ClO 4 , Cl or NO 3 ) at >5M HClO4, >7M HCl and 1–10M HNO3, Hf(SO4)A2(HA)3–4 at <3M H2SO4, and Hf(SO4)2 (HA)4 at >6M H2SO4. Coextraction of sulphate with hafnium from H2SO4 solutions was evidenced in experiments with macro concentrations of Hf(IV) and35SO 42− .