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  • 1 Research Institute for Heavy Chemical Industries Radiochemistry Department Veszprém (Hungary)
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Carrier-free90Y isotope was used to study the distribution between the aqueous solution of nitric acid and sodium nitrate and HDOP in cyclohexane. The distribution coefficients (D) were measured as a function of the acidity and the nitrate concentration (MNO3) in the aqueous phase. The acid dependence was studied in a HNO3 concentration range of 1–14M. The curve IgD vs. lgMHNO3 in the range of 1–4 gives a slope of 3. The anion effect of nitrate ions shows a complexing influence on the yttrium ions changing its distribution between the two phases. The results can be useful in hydrometallurgical processes in which the solutions are highly acidic and contain a large amount of the dissolved materials as nitrate salts.