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  • 1 the Royal Institute of Technology Department of Inorganic Chemistry S-100 44 Stockholm 70 (Sweden)
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The extraction of hydrochloric acid by trilaurylamine (TLA) dissolved in benzene was studied in the presence and in absence of n-octanol. The extraction of HCl was found to be enhanced by the addition of octanoi to the organic phase. In order to explain this effect by means of the law of mass action, the systems TLA-HCL-benzene and n-octanol-HCl-benzene as well as TLA-octanol-benzene were also studied. It was found that TLA reacts with octanol to form a complex, TLAROH, while the octanol itself associates in benzene to form dimers and tetramers, although it does not extract HCl alone from the dilute solutions used in the present study. The enhancement of the extraction of HCl by TLA upon the addition of n-octanol could be described by the formation of the species TLA·ROH·HCl and its stability constant was determined.