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  • 1 Tesla-Research Institute of Radiocommunications 142 21 Prague (Czechoslovakia)
  • | 2 Nuclear Research Institute 250 68 Řež (Czechoslovakia)
  • | 3 Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Nuclear Physics 250 68 Řež (Czechoslovakia)
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Diffusion of impurities is a basic operation in the technology of modern semiconductor devices especially integrated circuits. A knowledge of diffusion parameters such as concentration profile, diffusion depth and diffusion coefficient makes the optimization of a technological process possible. A destructive method of the step-by-step removal of the layers from the silicon single crystal slices irradiated in a nuclear reactor with subsequent determination of impurity contents was used in the diffusion studies of phosphorus, arsenic and gold. Phosphorus was determined by the beta counting of32P after a separation, arsenic and gold were determined by means of a Ge(Li) gamma-ray spectroscopy without any chemical separation. The diffusion of boron was studied by the nondestructive method of the deconvolution of the energy spectrum of prompt alpha radiation from10B(n, α)7Li after thermal neutron irradiation.