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  • 1 Shizuoka University Radiochemistry Research Laboratory Shizuoka (Japan)
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Variations of125Sb valency states in HCl solutions were investigated by the use of the N-benzoyl-N-phenyl-hydroxylamine (BPHA) extraction method.125Sb(V) is completely reduced to Sb(III) by one hour refluxing in conc. HCl.125Sb(III) is gradually oxidized to Sb(V) in solutions of low HCl concentrations by the effects of their own radiations. Natural light promotes such oxidation reactions. By utilizing such oxidation-reduction effects125Sb(V) can be easily prepared from125Sb(III) and also125Sb(III) can be prepared by the reduction of Cl aq . Their valency states were stable on keeping them in brown-colored bottles at 6M HCl concentrations.