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  • 1 CSN Casaccia-CNEN-C, P. 2400, 00100 Rome, Italy
  • | 2 National Institute of Nutrition, Rome, Italy
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The content of the following trace elements, Ag, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, Hg, Rb, Sb, Se and Zn has been evaluated in the diets, excretion (urines and feces), blood and hair samples taken from different groups of subjects. Each population group is composed by five or more individuals selected in order to be representative of the adult population living in a well defined community. Some communities, with different socio-economical living habits, and displaced in different regions of Italy, have been considered in order to detect the variability, if any, of the trace element distribution among the Italian population. The data obtained seem to show a reasonable uniformity of the average trace element daily intakes in different regions of Italy. Beside the individual variability, very significant differences among the groups studied have not been found, as the trace element contents in excreta, blood and hair samples are concerned. All data are compared with similar data referred to population living in other countries.