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  • 1 Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Fachbereich Anorganische Chemie und Kernchemie D-61 Darmstadt FRG
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By freeze-drying the following elements can be determined in natural water except sea water: Au, Ba, Br, Ca, Ce, Co, Cr, Eu, Fe, K, La, Mo, Na, Sb, Sc, Se, U, Zn. Some problems may arise with respect to As and Hg. Cu, Cd and Ni can only be determined if present in high concentrations. Separation by adsorption on charcoal in presence of complexing agents gives yields between 75 and 100% for the following elements in sea water: Ag, Au, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Eu, Fe, Hg, La, Mo, Sc, Se, U, Zn (As 67%, Sb 56%). Activation or use of labelled ions and study of exchange give information about mobility of trace elements in suspended matter.