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  • 1 Bayerische Landesanstalt für Bodenkultur und Pflanzenbau München FRG
  • 2 Institut für Radiochemie der Technischen Universität München, Garching FRG
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Soil desinfestation with methyl bromide increases the uptake of bromine by plants. According to the tolerance regulations in the FRG only 30–50 ppm Br are allowed. The bromine uptake by plants depends on: (a) the fumigation technique (applied amounts, reaction time, date of cultivation); (b) the growing conditions (soil type, climate and irrigation); (c) the plants (species, rotation, harvesting time etc.). The INAA is a simple and rapid method to analyse bromine in vegetables within a wide range using80Br and82Br. Since several years this method was also used to control imported crops.