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  • 1 All-Union Research Institute of Fertilizers and Agropedology named after Prianishnikov D. N. 125 008 Moscow (USSR)
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The report considers the results of the development of the automated technique for simultaneous, multielement activation analysis of plants and fertilizers for the macronutrient elements N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Cl, and Si. On the basis of analytical procedures, algorithms and software developed, the first automatic (computer based) installation for multielement analyses of plants and fertilizers has been completed and is in routine use in the agrochemical and plant breeding research program at Soviet Union. The proposed technique together with the full automatic real time process of measurement and processing of data by computer, provides a throughput of 250–500 samples (1250–2500 elements determinations) per 8-hour shift, with the accuracy of ±3% for N and ±5–10% for P, K, Mg, Cl and ±15% for Ca.