Author: A. Salamon 1
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  • 1 Research Institute for Technical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest Hungary
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An activation analytical method is described for the determination of small concentrations of Ga in tungsten. The samples are irradiated with reactor neutrons and dissolved in a hot chamber using a remote manipulator. After the adjustment of thepH, Ga is extracted in the form of its cupferron complex in chloroform solution. The organic phase is washed and, depending on the efficiency of the separation from tunsgten, a Ge(Li) semiconductor detector, or a NaI(Tl) scintillation counter is used for the gamma-spectrometric evaluation. The sensitivity of the method for a sample of 2 g was found to be 10−9 g of Ga/g of W. The determination can be carried out, and is well reproducible, with an accuracy of ±30%.