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  • 1 Shizuoka University Radiochemistry Research Laboratory, School of Science 836 Ôya 422 Shizuoka (Japan)
  • | 2 Shizuoka University School of Education 836 Ôya 422 Shizuoka (Japan)
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Isotope dilution analysis using the redox substoichiometric principle has been applied to the determination of antimony content in metallic zinc. As the substoichiometric reaction, the oxidation of trivalent to pentavalent antimony with potassium permanganate was used, followed by separation of these species by the BPHA extraction of trivalent antimony. Determination of antimony contents less than 0.5 μg was found to be possible with good accuracy, without separation of zinc ions. The antimony content in metallic zinc was determined to be 19.7±0.8 ppm, in good agreement with the results obtained by the other analytical methods.