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  • 1 Atomic Energy Establishment Nuclear Chemistry Department Cairo (Egypt)
  • 2 Cairo University Faculty of Science Cairo (Egypt)
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Synergic extraction of trivalent iron and cobalt with thenoyltriflouroacetone (HTTA) and the synergic bases (B) benzylamine (BA), dibenzylamine (DBA) and tribenzylamine (TBA) was studied. The extracted adducts proved to have the general formula M(TTA)3·B for all the amines investigated. The formation constants of the mixed-ligand complexes decrease in the order DBA>TBA>BA. While equilibrium constant β3,1 for the Co(TTA)3·DBA complex is higher than the corresponding iron adduct, β3,1 for the iron adducts with BA and TBA are higher than those for cobalt.