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  • 1 Washington State University Nuclear Radiation Center Pullman Washington USA
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Neutron activation analysis and Ge(Li) spectroscopy was used to determine 32 elements in seven U.S.G.S. standard rocks of a wide range of composition. Short half-life nuclides (10 sec-10 min) were used to measure Sc, Hf, Dy, Mg, Al, Ca, Ti, V (and Na) in an automated rabbit Ge(Li) detector system. The elements K, Cu, Zn, Ga, Sr, Ba, La, Eu, Sm (and Mn) were determined by dissolution of the irradiated sample followed by removal of24Na on hydrated antimony pentoxide (HAP). Long-lived nuclides were used to measure Sc, Cr, Fe, Co, Zr, Rb, Sb, Cs, Ba, Ce, Eu, Yb, Tb, Lu, Hf, Ta and Th after decay of24Na. The method involves little radiochemistry and the separation is selective for24Na under the experimental conditions used. Elemental concentrations determined agree well with previously published data.