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  • 1 Konan University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Kobe Japan
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Neutron-capture γ-ray activation analysis was investigated using a 300 mCi Am−Be neutron source. Prominent photopeaks available for the analysis were observed in several high-sensitivity elements, e.g. 0.477 MeV for boron, 0.336 MeV for samarium, 0.559 for cadmium, 0.230 MeV for cobalt, 0.370 MeV for mercury, and 0.518 MeV and 0.792 MeV for chlorine. As a practical application of the method, determinations of the chlorine contents of various organic compounds were carried out, and it is shown that Cl contents of 5–50 w/v% can be determined in this way with an experimental error of less than 5%.