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  • 1 USSR Academy of Sciences V. I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry Moscow USSR
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A method for the simultaneous isolation of a number of elements (In, Y, Zn, Co, Cd) from their mixture has been developed. The method is based on heterogeneous isotope exchange between the radionuclide of the element to be determined in the solution and a cation exchange plate saturated with the inactive form of the same element. The investigations were carried out with “Fixion 50X8” plates (Hungary) measuring 1 cm2. 5–6 ml of the test solution was used. In order to properly choose the optimum saturation conditions of the plates with the element to be determined the kinetics of sorption and isotope exchange and the pH were studied. It can be excepted that in the future this procedure will be widely used in the radioanlytical isolation and determination of many elements by isotope exchange and activation analysis. The automation of this radioanalytical procedure for serial analysis will become possible owing to the simplicity and elegance of the experimental technique.