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  • 1 J. E. Purkynê University Department of Inorganic Chemistry Kotlářská 2 611 37 Brno Czechoslovakia
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Liquid-liquid extraction of divalent palladium by solutions of Diesel oil (D.O.) and gas oil II (G.O.II) in benzene and lacquer petroleum from nitrate media has been studied. Palladium in concentrations of ∼10−3M is very effectively extracted by dilute solutions of extraction reagents and the distribution of palladium is almost independent of the acidity and nitrate concentration of the aqueous phase. Of other common salts, chlorides, thioeyanates and nitrites affect the palladium distribution. In many cases high concentrations of salts completely suppress the extraction of palladium. The rate of palladium extraction by dilute solutions of extractants is relatively small. Some substances such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) were found to accelerate the extraction. Palladium extraction from nitric acid media also has been studied from the points of view of chemical and radiation stability. Diesel oil was found to be a more stable extraction reagent in acid media than gas oil II.