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  • 1 Institute of Chemical Technology Prague Czechoslovakia
  • | 2 Nuclear Research Institute Řež Czechoslovakia
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The radiation stability was investigated of organic phases containing tertiary benzyldialkylamines and quaternary benzyltrialkylammonium salts which are sultable for the separation of lanthanides and americium from irradiated nuclear fuel. Attention was paid to changes of the extraction properties in Eu(III) and Am(III) extraction. The influence of the individual components forming the organic phase (extractant, solvent, solubilizer and nitric acid) on the decrease of the extraction capacity of the organic phase after irradiation is discussed. The greatest changes in the distribution coefficients DEu and DAm after irradiation were shown for extraction in the presence of nitric acid. As regards the absorbed dose, these systems can be considered as stable in comparison with organophosphorus extractans.