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  • 1 Lenin Research Institute of Atomic Reactors 433510 Dimitrovgrad Ulyanovsk Region USSR
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As a rule the analysis of nuclear oxide fuel includes the determination of uranium, plutonium, their isotopic composition, cation impurities, carbon, nitrogen, chlorine, fluorine, oxygen coefficient. In this paper we discuss different methods for the a analysis of unirradiated uranium and plutonium oxide fuelds used in the laboratories of the Analytical Chemistry Department: coulometry, emission analysis, chromatography, X-ray analysis. Much consideration is being given to the analysis of uranium and plutonium oxide samples and uranium-plutonium mixed fuels irradiated in the BOR-60 using mass-spectrometric (isotope dilution method) and radiometric techniques. The results of uranium and plutonium determination by these methods are compared. The main analytical characteristics of the methods are given.