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  • 1 Faculté des Sciences de Rabat Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire (Morocco)
  • 2 Faculté des Sciences de Rabat Laboratoire de Biologie Végétale (Morocco)
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The applicability of 14 MeV neutron activation analysis for the determination of K in beet has been investigated by measuring the 2.167 MeV gamma-line from the decay of38gK produced in the39K(n, 2n) reaction. Beet samples were treated in different solutions of KCl and HgCl2 to study the diffusion of K+ ions into the beet cells. The contribution of the gamma-line to the measured peak area from38Cl produced in the37Cl(n, γ) reaction was found to be 1%. Results obtained by fast neutron activation analysis and by flame spectrometry have been compared, and good agreements were found.