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  • 1 Technical University of Prague Department of Nuclear Chemistry Břehová 7 115 19 Prague 1 Czechoslovakia
  • | 2 Nuclear Research Institute 250 68 Řež near Prague Czechoslovakia
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The preparation of sorbents composed of polyethylene glycol and metal(II) salts of heteropolyacids has been described. It has been found that the calcium salt of phosphomolybdic acid of the type Ca3(PMo12O40)2 is precipitated in the presence of polyethylene glycol (m.wt. 1000). In this precipitate one calcium cation combines approximately with 10.9 ethylene oxide units of polyethylene glycol. The solubility of the sorbents has been found to be several tenths of a gram per litre of water or 0.1M hydrochloric acid. The sorption of radium has been studied as a function of the composition of the sorbents. High distribution ratios (KD∼103∼104) have been reached using 0.1M hydrochloric acid solution.