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  • 1 Central Research Institute for Physics P.O. Box 49 H-1525 Budapest 114 (Hungary)
  • | 2 Institute for Nuclear Sciences, Rijksuniversiteit Proeftuinstraat 86 900 Gent (Belgium)
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ko-factors of 35 isotopes used in reactor neutron activation analysis were measured with a high degree of accuracy (1–2%). To minimize systematic errors, measurements were carried out using different reactor types, irradiation conditions (18 < Φse), Ge(Li) detectors, sample detector geometry, etc. Analyst-oriented tabulations including all necessary nuclear data, “best values”, as well as recommended ko-values are given to facilitate analytical work with the new method. Some practical aspects as well as limitations of the ko-method are also outlined together with the applied neutron flux and cross-section conventions.