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  • 1 Food Controlling and Analysing Centre of Ministry of Agriculture and Food V. Guszev u. 25 1051 Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2 Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf Österreichische Studiengesellschaft (Austria)
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Cherenkov photometry can be used for measuring coloured solutions. The use of Cherenkov photometry is very advantageous, because Beer's law is true in a very wide concentration interval. It was studied how the various isotopes and the external standard can be used for Cherenkov Photometry with Cr2O2− and CrO2− in the 2–200 μg/cm3 interval. The upper measuring limits were found to be the lowest with low β energy isotopes. From among the isotopes studied the highest energy one can be used in the widest concentration interval.