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  • 1 Technische Hochschule 44-100 Gliwice Institut für Anorganische Chemie und Technologie B. Krzywoustego 6 (Polen)
  • 2 Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR Zentralinstitut für Isotopen- und Strahlenforschung Permoser Str. 15 7050 Leipzig (DDR)
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The distribution of Na(I), K(I), Ag(I), Mg(II), Ca(II), Sr(II), As(V) and Mo(VI) traces was investigated during the crystallization of NH4H2PO4 (ADHP). A tracer technique using22Na,42K,76As,90Sr/90Y,99Mo and110mAg was applied for studying the crystallization process of ADHP. Mg(II) and Ca(II) was determined by atomic absorption spectoscopy. The optimum conditions for obtaining NH4H2PO4 of high purity have been established. The elaborated method of crystallization was used for the production of semiconductor grade NH4H2PO4