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  • 1 Hammersmith Hospital Medical Research Council Cyclotron Unit Ducane Road W12 OHS London England
  • 2 Hammersmith Hospital Royal Postgraduate Medical School Ducane Road W12 OHS London England
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Methods have been developed for the labelling of acetate and palmitic acid with the positron-emitting radionuclide,11C (T=20.4 min). Labelling was achieved via carbonation of the appropriate alkyl magnesium bromide (methyl magnesium bromide or n-pentadecyl magnesium bromide) with11C-labelled carbon dioxide produced by the14N(p, α)11C nuclear reaction. The radiochemical yield and speed of each method of labelling are such that a radiochemically pure product is obtained in injectable form and in activity (>10 mCi) suitable for the study of myocardial metabolism by emission-computerised axial tomography. High pressure liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography were used to assess the radiochemical purity of each radiopharmaceutical. The specific activity of11C-labelled acetate was estimated by an enzymic procedure to be greater than 0.5 Ci/μmole.