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  • 1 University of Technology Loughborough (UK)
  • 2 A.E.R.E. Chemistry Division Harwell (UK)
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Sensitive and selective nuclear reaction methods have been sought for the nuclear microprobe measurement of the spatial distributions of13C and13C/12C ratios. The13C(α, n)16O reaction, with neutron detection, is the most selective for13C, and has a sensitivity of ca. 100 ppm. The reactions13C(d, p)14C and12C(d, p)13C, with proton detection, are the most sensitive for the simultaneous measurement of13C and12C, with detection limits of 30 and 2 ppm respectively. Less sensitive alternative reaction pairs are;13C(3He, p)15N and12C(3He, p)14N;13C(d, nγ)14N and12C(d, pγ)13C;13C(3He, pγ)15N and12C(3He, pγ)14N. The conditions governing their use, particularly light element interferences, are detailed.