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  • 1 Istituto di Ingegneria Nucleare, CESNEF Politecnico di Milano Milano (Italy)
  • | 2 Universitá di Roma Instituto di Studi del Vicino Oriente Roma (Italy)
  • | 3 Universitá di Venezia Instituto di Archeologia Venezia (Italy)
  • | 4 Soprintendenza Archeologica della Sicilia Occidentale Palermo (Italy)
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The concentration of 7 elements (Na, Al, Mg, Ti, Ca, V, Mn) was determined by Neutron Activation Analysis in 35 samples of pottery and 14 samples of clay. The samples were collected in Mothia (a Phoenician stronghold in Sicily during 5th–4th century B. C.) and in its neighbourhoods. Cluster analysis of the data showed that most of the samples are homogeneous and confirmed the archaeological evidence that they are mostly local ware. The detailed results of the analyses are reported and the technique used for cluster analysis is described.