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  • 1 Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Division Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Centre Ispra Establishment I-21020 Ispra Varese (Italy)
  • | 2 Dalhousie University Analysis Research Centre, Department of Chemistry B3H 4J1 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
  • | 3 University of Padova Institute of General Chemistry, Faculty of Science Italy
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Speciation of technetium in ground water has been studied for understanding the migration behaviour of this radionuclide in deep geological formations. A combination of free-liquid electromigration, ion exchange, solvent extraction, coprecipitation and dialysis methods has been applied. Both oxic and anoxic conditions have been employed. Systems studied include leaching of sodium borosilicate glass spiked with99Tc and95mTc followed by its passage through glauconitic sand columns, and dialysis of TcO2 with ground water, sodium chloride, and humic acid solutions. Results indicate the presence of the pertechnetate, TcO 4 , ion as the dominating species.