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  • 1 Air Monitoring Section Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 400 085 Bombay India
  • | 2 National Institute of Oceanography Bombay Regional Centre Versova 400 061 Bombay India
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The surface leaching of the labile component of uranium has been carried out in estuarine sediments of Zuari river in Goa. The measurements of alpha activities of238U,235U and234U in the leachates indicated a remarkable anomaly between the activities of238U and234U. The activity ratios of234U/238U in these leachates have been found to be in the range of 1.10 to 1.14. However, the activity ratios of235U/238U have been found to be 0.045 which is close to that in natural uranium. It has also been observed that the anomaly between238U and234U exists only on the surface organic layers of the backwater sediments of the Zuari river.