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  • 1 Rijksuniversiteit Institute for Nuclear Sciences Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
  • | 2 Central Research Institute for Physics P.O. Box 49 H-1525 Budapest 114 (Hungary)
  • | 3 National Fund for Scientific Research Belgium)
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A best choice from literature was made of the isotopic abundance values for64zn,112Sn and174Yb, and of the absolute gamma-intensities for65Zn,113mIn and175Yb. From these data and from activation method experiments, the following 2200 m·s–1 cross sections were determined:65Zn(n, )65Zn; 0=(0.726±0.0007) barn [cf. literature 0.76–0.78 barn];112Sn(n,)113(m)Sn; 0(0.91 m+g)=(0.539±0.011) barn [cf. literature 1 barn];174Yb(n,)175(m)Yb; 0(m+g)=(130+4) barn [cf. literature 65 barn].