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  • 1 Shizuoka University Radiochemistry Research Laboratory Ooya 422 Shizuoka (Japan)
  • | 2 Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Department of Chemistry 431-32 Handa, Hamamatsu (Japan)
  • | 3 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Ibaraki Electrical Communication Laboratory Tokai 319-11 Ibaraki (Japan)
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The rate constant of radiation induced exchange reaction between thallium(I) and thallium(III) ions has been studied for elucidating the mechanisms which are responsible for (T1(II) intermediates or bridging groups (SO 42– ) in sulfuric acid and perchloric acid solutions. It was found that the radiation induced exchange reaction is accelerated by the sulfate ion, and the rate of the thallium(II)-thallium(I) reaction is faster than that of the thallium(II)-thallium(III) process in perchloric acid solution.