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  • 1 National Tsing Hua University Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center 300 Hsinchu Taiwan Republic of China
  • 2 National Tsing Hua University Institute of Nuclear Science 300 Hsinchu Taiwan Republic of China
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This paper deals with a rapid method to determine radionuclides in reactor coolant by anion, cation, and anion-cation exchange membranes. A high pressure filtration device was established to simulate the THOR cooling water sampling system by means of several membranes mentioned above. The experimental results indicate that the adsorption efficiency of each membrane for several radionuclides is /1/ >95% with cation exchange membrane for Zn, Co, Na, Mn, Cu, Cs, Ba, La, W etc., /2/ >98% with anion exchange membrane for I, and /3/ <98% with anion-cation exchange membranes for Fe and Cr. The results are obtained using cooling water of Tsing Hua Open-Pool Reactor and the following radionuclides were identified:99mTc,140Ba,140La,51Cr,131I,58Co,60Co,54Mn,46Sc,59Fe,24Na, etc.