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  • 1 Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry 102 00 Prague 10 Czechoslovakia
  • 2 Institute of Nuclear Research 250 68 Řež Czechoslovakia
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A method for simultaneous determination of traces of zinc, iron, and chloride ions by fast scan or ordinary differential pulse polarography has been proposed. The method is especially suited to check the purity of radiopharmaceutical gallium /67Ga/ citrate injections. The interference of citrate ions was eliminated by using a complex-forming base electrolyte containing triethanolamine and ammonia. The relative standard deviation of the determination of iron, zinc, and Cl ions in the range of 0.05–1.00 g of Fe or Zn and 3–25 g of Cl per ml solution was found to be 5–10%.