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  • 1 University of Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory SF-00550 Helsinki (Finland)
  • | 2 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts The Ateneum Art Museum SF-00100 Helsinki (Finland)
  • | 3 Mikkeli Technical High School SF-50101 Mikkeli (Finland)
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A helium flushed external beam PIXE/PIGE facility for nondestructive multielemental analysis has been developed and tested. By using proton energies Ep4.1 MeV and simultaneous detection of X- and gamma-rays, nearly complete analysis of all elements is achieved with nondestructively low ion current of Ip1 nA (except H, He, C, O and Ne are detected in a single measurement with sensitivities from the ppm level to about one percent). For most of the elements there are at least two channels of identification, which is a special advantage in analyzing unfavourable matrices, where the radiations of certain elements may interfere with each other.