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  • 1 Gesellschaft für Strahlen- und Umweltforschung mbH München Institut für Strahlenschutz 8042 Neuherberg (FRG)
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The distribution coefficients Kd for the sorption of95mTc by peat as well as the corresponding rates of sorption and desorption were determined as a function of the concentration of the supporting electrolyte (CaCl2), the amount of dissolved oxygen and the pH of the solution. The results show that the Kd-values of Tc (added as Tc(VII)-pertechnetate) increase, if the concentration of CaCl2 or the amount of dissolved oxygen is decreased. The sorption was reversible with respect to the replacement of Tc by a CaCl2 solution. The half-times for the rates of sorption and desorption depend on the concentration of CaCl2 and dissolved oxygen and were in the range of 20–60 minutes and 500–900 minutes for the sorption and desorption processes, respectively.