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  • 1 University of Toronto Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry M5S 1A4 Toronto (Canada)
  • | 2 Universiti Sains Malaysia School of Physics, Faculty of Science Penang, W. Malaysia
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Reactions in the carbon and oxygen atoms of sample matrix can lead to errors in the 14 MeV neutron activation determination of nitrogen based on the14N(n, 2n) reaction, particularly as a consequence of proton-induced reactions leading to13N formation in samples of an organic nature. In this study, the extent of such interferences have been evaluated by measuring the apparent N contribution when a series of alcohols and a water sample were irradiated with 14 MeV neutrons from a Texas-Nuclear neutron generator under the same conditions used for trace N determination and contributions amounting to from 0.1 to 1% apparent N content observed (and corrected for). Owing to neutron flux in stabilities and assymetries, flux monitoring was done with aluminum foils on either side of the samples for N analysis, and which were counted for24Na. Two samples of foodstuff were analyzed correction for C and O interference, agreed with conventional analysis within ±10%.