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  • 1 Changsha University of Science & Technology School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering Changsha 410004 People’s Republic of China
  • 2 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Materials & Thermochemistry Laboratory Dalian 116023 People’s Republic of China
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One of the greatest challenges in the application of organic phase change materials (PCMs) is to increase their thermal conductivity while maintaining high phase change enthalpy. 1-Tetradecanol/Ag nanowires composite PCM containing 62.73 wt% (about 11.8 vol%) of Ag nanowires showed remarkably high thermal conductivity (1.46 W m−1 K−1) and reasonably high phase change enthalpy (76.5 J g−1). This behavior was attributed to the high aspect ratio of Ag nanowires, few thermal conduct interfaces, and high interface thermal conductivity of Ag nanowires in the composite PCM. These results indicated that Ag nanowires might be strong candidates for thermal conductivity enhancement of organic PCMs.