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Numerical simulations of thermally stimulated polarization current profiles have been performed using rate expressions based on the Frohlich two-state model. The qualitative behavior of simulations previously published by other researchers can be reproduced. The important feature examined is a peak in the evolution of polarization with temperature, which results in a change in sign for the polarization current profile. The previous researchers have assigned this to a crossover of the kinetic transient polarization with the equilibrium polarization described by the Langevin approximation. The origin of the peak in the evolution of polarization has been reexamined and found to be the kinetic consequence of the structure of the Frohlich model. When the field is applied, the two-state model requires that half the available dipoles are initially polarized. This high level of polarized dipoles contributes to an increased rate of the reverse process, depolarization, at high temperatures and results in the calculated decrease in polarization. The constraints of the Frohlich two-state model are too severe to represent the kinetics of a physically plausible polar solid. Further the multiple modes of aggregation in the amorphous state impose complications on the computation of polarization current.

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