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  • 1 Analytical Laboratories Dow Chemical Company Midland Michigan USA
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The thermal polymerization of inhibited styrene monomer is investigated by Accelerating Rate Calorimetry (ARC). The time-temperature-pressure data generated by this technique are utilized in evaluating the thermal hazards associated with the industrial processing of styrene monomer. Several examples are given on the interpretation and application of ARC data to environments ranging from lab to plant-scale conditions including discussions concerning the similarities and dissimilarities between the ARC and large-scale equipment. The polymerization of styrene monomer is also used to evaluate the performance of the ARC over a broad temperature range, 80–300°C. The data indicate that removal of the radiant heater assembly yields better agreement between the heat of polymerization of styrene as measured by the ARC and corresponding values from the literature. This effect is believed to be observable only under conditions of low reaction rates for long periods of time such as in the case of styrene monomer.

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