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  • 1 Universität-GH Paderborn Warburger Strasse 100 D-4790 Paderborn G.F.R. Warburger Strasse 100 D-4790 Paderborn G.F.R.
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Analytically pure nickel(II)- and cobalt(II)-acetylacetonate were used to prepare several addition compounds with Lewis-bases (2-picoline-N-oxide, 4-picoline-N-oxide, pyridine-N-oxide) in order to investigate their thermal stability in oxidative atmospheres. Comparison of the thermoanalytical TG-DTA data of the chelates with those on the adducts showed similarities in thermal degradation. A fragmentation pattern observed on simultaneous mass spectrometric investigation is discussed. Elimination of ligand or base molecules corresponding quantitatively to the estimated mass loss values from the TG-curves has been demonstrated.