Author: S. Warner 1
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  • 1 Celanese Research Company 07901 Summit New Jersey USA 07901 Summit New Jersey USA
  • 2 Kimberly-Clark Corporation 54956 Neenah WI 54956 Neenah WI
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Polyester yarn spun over a range of wind-up speeds has been characterized using differential scanning calorimetry. Samples prohibited from shrinking during the thermal analysis show slightly smaller heats of fusion and crystallization and reduced cold crystallization temperatures than samples that are free-to-shrink, particularly in the intermediate wind-up speed region. One critical observation made is that the cold crystallization temperature reaches a minimum at some relatively low overall molecular orientation (Δn ∼ 0.020) and fails to decrease further. A likely explanation is that crystallization continuously removes polymer from the melt in the spinline in regions where the local orientation reaches some critically high value.