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  • 1 “Petru Poni”, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry Aleea gr. ghica voda Nr.41A 6600 Iasi Romania
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Pyrolysis-gas chromatography was used in the study of the thermal behaviour of some acrylic anion-exchangers for identification of the thermal decomposition products and their percentage estimation. The acrylic anion-exchangers were prepared by aminolysis of cross-linked acrylic ester copolymer with difunctional amines. The pyrolysis-gas chromatography studies, coupled with data obtained by thermogravimetry, showed that the acrylic anion-exchangers first lose the water easily absorbed from the air, and the decomposition starts at temperatures above 100°. The great number of decomposition products identified in the pyrograms on the thermal degradation of acrylic anion-exchangers indicated a complex degradation mechanism, with important variations in the contents of the evolved amine compounds.

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