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  • 1 Faculty of Science Tanta University Tanta Egypt
  • 2 Faculty of Science El-Monoufeia University Shibin El-Kom Egypt
  • 3 Faculty of Science The United Arab Emirates University P.O. box 15551 Al-Ain U.A.E.
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Several samples of Nb2O5-doped Bi2O3 and Y2O3-doped Bi2O3 were carefully prepared and sintered at 700° for 3 hours. Extensive measurements were carried out on these samples, including X-ray diffraction spectra, infrared absorption spectra and the temperature-dependence of the DC-electrical conductivity in the solid state. The results obtained were discussed, correlated and interpreted. Finally, the optimum compositions were established and recommended for doped-Bi2O3 in the electronics industry.